Book recs based on kpop mv

If you know me a little or if you follow me on twitter, you know I often have crazy ideas when it comes to recommending books. I like to associate two things I like so that people will discover new books. So here comes a short recommendation list of books based on KPOP music videos. I used to be a huge kpop fan but now I consider myself more of a casual listener. But I still know that the South-Korean industry makes some of the greatest music videos out there.

So how does this list work? You should watch the music video first and then, check out the book I recommend. Btw, it’s more about the video on itself than the actual lyrics. Think about the colors, the vibe, the mood. And maybe if you like what you see, you’ll like the book I recommend!


The light by THE ARK

35604686.jpgTHE ASTONISHING COLOR OF AFTER and The Ark’s mv are so similar yet so different from each other. They both deal with grief and how you go on with your life once someone you love dies. The feeling of loss doesn’t go away immediately and this is what I like about both of them.

In the music video, you can see how the mother still feels her daughter’s presence: she bought the backpack her daughter wanted, she drinks what her daughter used to drink. And this is something you can find in THE ASTONISHING COLOR OF AFTER. Even if Leigh, the main character, knows her mother isn’t with her anymore, she still sees her through the bird, through the memories.

Trigger warnings for THE ASTONISHING COLOR OF AFTER: suicide and depression.




One more day by SISTAR & Giorgio Moroder

34433755When I see two girls in love, fighting their abuser, I just immediately think about GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE by Natasha Ngan. Okay, to be perfectly honest, I haven’t read it yet (I’m saving it for my asian readathon in january) but for some reason, I can’t help but match this book to this music video. You know, like they’re meant to be.

The music video has this dark but pink/purple-ish vibe to it which remind me of the book cover. I also like how the cover look fierce, you know? Like the two girls in the music video.

I feel like the ‘One more day’ music video is iconic in its own way, being a music video explicitly showing two women in love, which isn’t common in South Korea yet. And, I have the same feeling about GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know a lot of Asian-inspired fantasy books featuring a main f/f couple and for me, it makes this book already iconic, you know? (Can you tell I can’t wait for january to come so I can finally read this book and love it to death?)

Trigger warnings for A GIRL OF PAPER AND FIRE: violence, sexual abuse, rape.



Run Away by TXT


Will I stop putting LAST BUS TO EVERLAND by Sophie Cameron in all my recommendation post? No, never. Because you truly need to read this book.

Anyway. TXT’s mv start as something really basic: the boys are just running around, enjoying their student lives until they find it. A door. And this is when I thought about LAST BUS TO EVERLAND because the MC also « finds » a door, a door which led him to this place — Everland — where he can be himself. The music video shows a cool mix between reality and something more magical and it’s something you can find in Sophie Cameron’s book.

If you like the friendship you see in the music video, you’ll like all the relationships in LAST BUS TO EVERLAND, because I believe that more than a love story, LBTE is a story about family and what links us to each other.



Spark by TAEYEON

40144224WHERE DREAMS DESCEND by Janella Angeles isn’t out yet but I can tell you that the second I saw Taeyeon’s mv, I knew it reminded me of that book cover. The book is pitched as Phantom of the Opera meets Moulin Rouge and for some random reasons, Spark by Taeyeon also gives me Moulin Rouge vibes. As in the mysterious vibe, the reddish color you can see in the mv and which is the main color used on the color. You get what I mean, right?

Spark has that flamboyant and fancy vibes just like Janella’s book cover. If you like how powerful and fierce Taeyeon looks in her music video, I believe you’ll like Kallia (WHERE DREAMS DESCEND main character) who is described as « a powerful showgirl out to prove she’s the best no matter the cost. »



That’s it for today! I hope you liked the idea and that you ended up adding one of these books on your tbr. I’ll probably do another post like this one in the future since I liked the idea to match a music video with a book. (please wait for the book recs post based on anime!)

5 réflexions sur “Book recs based on kpop mv

  1. What a fun post to read, watch and listen to! I added Last Bus to Everland and I already have Girls of Paper and Fire in my wishlist.


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